What Does Goat Poop Look Like? | Check for Photos!

Poop is something that doesn’t interest most people. However, it’s crucial for those who are looking after goats. Poop is an indication of a goat’s health, so the caretaker should be attentive to its color, shape, and texture. Due to its importance, this substantial article was made.

What does goat poop like? An adult goat secretes dark brown or greenish, hard poop that is similar to an oval-shaped pellet. It is pellet-like poop that is evenly distributed.

Once you know the normal goat poop, you’ll be able to tell if there are any differences or changes. It’s a way to prevent diseases from getting worse.

Inspecting the goat’s poop can save its life since the necessary medication will be applied. Learn about the essential things about it in this article.

What Do The Various Shapes Of A Goat’s Poop Indicate?

What Do The Various Shapes Of A Goat’s Poop Indicate

There’s nothing wrong with your goat if its poop is in even shape. Some irregularities may appear if it’s not in good condition.

Pointy Pellet

One can easily take no notice of this shape since there’s no alteration in color and texture. Only the pointed end is the difference, and it’s not alarming at all. This happens when there’s a high amount of protein intake.

The poop usually comes back to normal in a few days. If not, you have to cut the protein intake of your goat.

Pellet Log Clumps

As mentioned, goat poop is evenly distributed. It’s not a good thing when the pellet-like feces come out as a clump. There are various causes such as overeating, changing of feed, and an increase of parasitic load.

This case will likely be reversed in a few days. But if the poop continues to come out as a clump, you have to consult the vet as it might be a symptom of a health issue.

Dog Log

As the name suggests, this goat poop is identical to what the dogs emit. It’s like a smooth log that can be on the soft side. A minor cause is an upset stomach because of the feed. But it might be something more serious, as it can be a symptom of infection.

When you see a long log of poop from your goat, check its temperature to be sure that you have to submit a fecal sample for examination. The parasite may have caused the change in goat poop. This case should be referred to a vet.

Pudding Consistency

When this consistency shows up, scouring will likely follow. You have to take the chance to resolve the issue at this stage before things get worse. Check your goat’s temperature and send the fecal sample if there’s something to be worried about.

Watery Scour

This means that your goat has diarrhea, and you need to keep an eye on the animal because of dehydration. Once you see this excrement, stop giving your goat grains. Diarrhea happens when there’s a change in their diet. You have to isolate the goat and check its temperature.

Keep the goat hydrated and give it electrolytes. If this case hasn’t improved for 24 to 48 hours, you must call the vet for advice.

Yellow Scour

Yellow scour is usually from baby goats or kids. It’s also called ‘milk scour’ as they had a lot of milk from their mother. However, there are other reasons, like a mother goat producing more milk or extra-rich milk for only a few babies.

If kids are bottle-fed, it’s easy for you to cut down the amount. When they’re nursed by their mother, you can compete with them and get some milk from her. If this poop continues to appear, you must contact the vet for the appropriate solution.

Green or Gray Scour

This is generally caused by salmonella infection.

Bright Yellow or Green Watery Scour

Call the doc immediately when you find this scour as your goat has an E. coli infection.

Dark Scour with Foul Smell

It happens when kids suffer from Enterotoxemia. They go through invisible pain, and this case can be fatal if not treated in due time. But according to D. Van Metre of Colorado State University, it’s common among goats of all ages.

Does Goat Poop Stink?

Goat poop does not stink. That’s why many gardeners prefer this manure as it does not attract insects because of the absence of a bad smell.

Why Do Goats Poop Ball?

Why Do Goats Poop Ball

The goats’ poop becomes a ball because of their digestive system. They have a rumen and reticulum, parts of the stomach where the digestion takes place, which is larger than the goat’s body and weight.

Thus, these things are proportionate. Additionally, the digestion process is completed in three days.

The main reason for turning the poop into balls is the fast metabolism which necessitates high energy. This energy comes from the rumen’s walls. The materials or what the goat ate go through this procedure.

Since they’re not useful anymore, they’re converted into balls or pellets. Naturally, only water and nutrients are taken out from digestion. There’s limited water usage, so only a little water goes into the poop.

Does Goat Poop Make Good Fertilizer?

Goat poop proves to be a good fertilizer. Based on its description, it’s less messy than other kinds of manure. You can spread it easily without attracting insects.

It can nurture plants as it has twice the amount of nitrogen compared to other manure. Moreover, it also conditions the soil well, so it’s ideal for a new garden.

Since it can be spread with ease, goat poop can improve soil texture and water retention. This paves way for the oxygen to reach the plant’s roots. Therefore, it facilitates the optimal growth of the plants.

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks in Using Goat Manure?

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks in Using Goat Manure

There are potential drawbacks to using goat manure despite its contribution to the plant’s growth. Goat’s diet includes hay and grass, so there’s a chance that seeds of weed are in its poop.

This can disrupt as there will be a competitor within nutrient absorption if weeds grow together with plants.

To avoid this circumstance, you have to use well-composted goat poop. See to it that you use the manure in this state as there might be pathogens in the pellets. It’s something to take note of if you’re growing edible crops.

Even though the manure helps the plants to grow healthily, it’s advised to add to your plants at least four months before the harvest.

Is Goat Poop Dangerous?

Goat poop is not exempted from having pathogens and viruses that cause diseases. Humans get sick as they’re exposed to animals’ poo and urine.

It can either be through drinking contaminated water or exposure to an open wound. Here are the possible diseases that can be caused by goat poop:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Contagious ecthymas

What Does Unhealthy Goat Poop Look Like?

Unhealthy goat poop is loose and watery, which are signs of diarrhea. Contrary to the normal form, it can be clumped and log-shaped. When there’s a parasitic infection, the poop is bright green or yellow and foul-smelling.

Why Does My Goat Have a Clumpy Poop?

Why Does My Goat Have a Clumpy Poop

When your goat has a clumpy poop, it means that the food it consumes is not completely digested. The reasons behind it are overeating, an abundant supply of hay or grass, and a sudden change of diet.

Hence, giving them new feed should be done gradually. You can mix the new feed with the old for 2 to 3 days. The goat’s stomach needs time to adjust to the new diet.

How Do You Get Rid of Goat Poop in Your Yard?

  • Instead of straw beddings, use a layer of straw and sawdust, so pee and poop get soaked up.
  • A leaf rake can help with shifting the straw. Then you have to flip it by using a wide rake. You have to use the rake to drag the straw too. With these steps, it will be easy for you to scoop or shovel the poop to put it in a bucket. You may also use a large scooper for dog poop.
  • You can push the poop and bedding aside with a leaf blower. So, it’s easy and convenient to dump them into a wheelbarrow.
  • Make sure that no poop is left behind by removing the bedding with a pitchfork. Then, you can easily sweep the remaining feces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Does a Goat Poop a Day?

Both adult and baby goats poop 3 to 6 times a day.

How Often Does a Goat Poop?

A goat usually poops in between meals. It will be more frequent if there’s a change in feed or the animal is sick.

Can You See Worms In Goat Poop?

Tapeworm can be seen in goat poop without a microscope. It’s possible for the naked eyes can spot tapeworm eggs. However, you can have a fecal test just to make sure.

How Often Should You Deworm Goats?

Generally, deworming goats should be done every 4 to 6 weeks. Some goats need it more often. You would know that your goat needs deworming through its mucous membrane. Pull down the lower eyelid, and if you see a healthy pink color, it means that it’s not necessary.

A goat is anemic when you see white or pale pink color. This is an indication that you have to deworm the animal right away. You may consult the vet for advice.

Can Goat Poop Be Composted?

Goat poop can be composted, and it even quickens the process as the pellet shape gives way to airflow. If not utilized in the garden compost pile, it can be formed into a layer beneath the straw to produce warmth.

Can You Train a Goat to Poop Outside?

A goat can be trained to poop and pee outside, but it must be done when it’s still a kid. The best time to train it is after it wakes up and between feeding schedules. You can give commands just like what is done on dogs. Before taking the goats outside, prepare the pooping spot with a litter box. 


Knowing the normal look of a goat poop is one way you take care of it since it’s linked to its health condition. You can try to resolve the issue by yourself, and if it’s beyond your means, you have to seek help from a vet. In this way, you can find a remedy in due time before it’s too late.

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