Best Female Wolf Names | Cool and Famous

Just like humans, naming wolves and dogs is a task that needs a lot of thought and consideration. When you own a canid, it’s normal to prefer the names that sound cool or with wonderful meanings. But it can be difficult to decide for some owners.

What are the best female wolf names? The top pick is Luna which means Goddess of Moon. You may also give it to your female German Shepherd or Siberian Husky. However, you may also consider the following options:

  • Leia – It’s derived from Star Wars princess, and it suits best for a sassy wolf.
  • Lilith – This is a Hebrew word that means ghost, and it’s just appropriate for a white wolf.
  • Nala – She’s a brave lioness from Lion King. Canids and wolves are similar as they both form a pack. 
  • Accalia – It means ‘she-wolf’ in Latin.

Some find the listed names cool since they represent famous movies and have meanings that are related to wolves. Nevertheless, you can find numerous names that are not only for female wolves but for males as well.

Apart from movies, you can get wolf names from Native Americans’ beliefs, or you can base it on the dominant characteristics of a certain wolf.

It’s best to know more name ideas so you’ll pick a choice that is better than you ever thought. This article will show them to you.

Tips on Naming a Female Wolf

Tips on Naming a Female Wolf

Here are some tips when naming a female wolf:

  • You can think of your favorite movie or TV series like ‘The Jungle Book’ and ‘Games of Thrones’ or others.
  • You may look straight at your wolf’s eyes to get an idea of the suitable name for it. It’s a way of trying to distinguish if a wolf looks hungry, killer, or jolly. You can get some ideas from its aura.
  • It’s also good to search for names from other languages. For example, you can choose the words ‘Lupe’ in Spanish or ‘Volk’ in Russian. They both mean wolves.
  • You can also study your wolf’s nature, like being cute, clever, and other traits.
  • It also helps if you spare some time to find the unique or special feature of your wolf to pick a name.

Male Wolf Names

  • Alpha – Refers to the leader of the pack and the scary male wolf. It’s the most powerful name among the other options.
  • Adalwolf – From a German word that translates as ‘noble wolf.’
  • Alaska – Means the ‘mainland’ and an American state.
  • Aztec – A powerful name choice since it’s from one of the strongest civilizations that thrived in Mexico in the past.
  • Amigo – A good name for a male wolf. It’s a Spanish word for friend.
  • Gunner – A nickname is commonly given to a strong, masculine character.
  • Howl – A sound made by wolves.
  • Lucky – This name is also given to dogs, but it suits a male wolf too as it promotes strength.
  • Rocky – Suits a male wolf.
  • Sabre – It means ‘heavy cavalry sword’ which can be compared to the toughness of a male wolf.

Female Wolf Names

Female Wolf Names
  • Artemis – It’s the ‘Goddess of wild animals,’ and it’s suitable for a tough female wolf.
  • Cinder – The literal meaning of the word is partly burned wood or coal that is widespread in cold regions where many wolves reside. It’s one of the sweetest names for a she-wolf.
  • Dawn – It means ‘morning,’ and it’s a cool name that points out the aesthetic of wolves.
  • Frost – It means ‘small amount of ice on the surface,’ and it’s one of the cool names for a she-wolf.
  • Midnight – Wolves usually howl at midnight, so it’s a perfect name for a female wolf.
  • Dakota – A term that is used by Native Americans when referring to a ‘friend’ or describing someone ‘friendly.’ It suits a tough canine or wolf.
  • Ice – This word refers to snappiness, so it’s one of the suitable choices for female wolf names.
  • Destiny – It means ‘fate,’ and it’s a badass name for a female wolf.
  • Gray – This color is always linked to wolves, cold, and winter.
  • Aurora – A beautiful name for a she-wolf as it refers to the colorful skies called ‘Aurora Borealis.’

Famous Wolf Names

  • Arcanine – This is from Pokemon that was introduced as animation first that became a videogame later on.
  • Akela – This name comes out from a lone wolf character in Jungle Book. It’s also a Hindi word that means ‘lonely.’
  • Draugluin – It’s from the creation of J.R.R. Tolkien. In one of his fantasy books, it’s the sire of all the Beleriand werewolves.
  • Ephraim – Ephraim is the leader of the wolf pack in the famous Twilight saga. If you’re a fan of this movie, you’ll be thrilled to name your wolf with this name.
  • Evo – This name is taken from the DC Universe, specifically from ‘Gen 13.’
  • Lobo – A movie entitled ‘The Legend of Lobo’ is the origin of this name.
  • Remus – Remus Lupin is the character in Harry Potter who turns into a werewolf, so it’s one of the interesting names that you can give to your wolf.
  • Oz – It’s the wolf from the famous movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’
  • Balto – This is one of the popular wolf names as a movie title.
  • Gmark – Since this is an amazing wolf from the movie ‘The Neverending Story.’
  • Hollis – It’s from a TV series entitled ‘ True Blood’ and it’s about vampires.
  • Grey Cub – This name suits a wolf cub pretty well, and it’s from ‘The Cry of the Wolf.’

Cool Wolf Names

Cool Wolf Names
  • Ares – It’s the God of War of Greeks.
  • Apisi – It means ‘coyote’ in Blackfoot Indian.
  • Arrax – This name is inspired by a dragon, and it’s perfect for a powerful and feisty wolf.
  • Basil – Though it’s common as an herb in English, it means ‘brave’ in Arabic.
  • Elda – An Italian word that means warrior.
  • Cronus – In Greek mythology, he’s the ruling Titan who castrated his father, Uranus.
  • Essos – A place found in Game of Thrones
  • Hunter – The obvious reason is that wolves hunt but it’s still a cute choice.
  • Havoc – This name is suitable for baby wolves.
  • Rollo – He’s a great Viking warrior that lived in the ninth to tenth centuries.
  • Ubba – The leader who lead the Great Army to the victory of conquering Anglo-Saxon England in the 1860s.
  • Tiva – It’s the word used by Native Americans for dance.

Girl Wolf Names

Aside from what is listed under female wolf names, here are some names that you’ll find fit for your female wolf:

  • Amber
  • Alpine
  • Blanca
  • Bella
  • Breeze
  • Buttercup
  • Harley
  • Bluebell
  • Lola
  • Ivory
  • Ruby
  • Vixen
  • Xena
  • Yuki
  • Nikita
  • Misty
  • Parka
  • Olivia
  • Sierra
  • Storm
  • Stella
  • Maia
  • Willow

Cute Wolf Names

Cute Wolf Names
  • Kenning
  • Twilight
  • Finn
  • Ginger
  • Alves
  • Gael
  • Snow
  • Crystal
  • Star
  • Xerxes

Good Wolf Names

Here are some good wolf names with meaning that you can consider from different languages:

  • Achak – Spirit in Native American
  • Adalwolf – A noble wolf
  • Bardawulf – Ax wolf
  • Amarog – A wolf in the Inuit language
  • Convel – A wolf warrior in Celtic
  • Amoux – A wolf that is partly eagle in French
  • Rudolph – A famous wolf in an Old German
  • Fenris – A monster wolf in Norse myth
  • Wulfgar – English refers to it as a wolf-like spear
  • Connery – Celtic points out a wolf farmer
  • Gunnolf – A fighter wolf viewed by Norwegians
  • Okhmhaka – The Cheyenne term for ‘small wolf’
  • Yuma – ‘Song of the Chief’ in Navajo

Badass Wolf Names

Badass Wolf Names

Wolves are considered the ‘Father of Rogue,’ and they dangerously trap their prey. So, you can opt for these badass names:

  • Czar
  • Canyon
  • Hell dog
  • Hugo
  • Magnum
  • Yoyo
  • Brutus
  • Caesar
  • Eskimo
  • Hola

Unique Wolf Names

  • Teowolf – Mighty wolf
  • Zeev – A wolf in Hebrew
  • Ranulf – A Scottish word that means wolf shield
  • Rieka – A person who possesses the capability of a wolf
  • Farkas – One that is like a wolf
  • Fillan – A small wolf
  • Fridolf – A wolf that loves peace
  • Harou – The army’s wolf
  • Channon – The wolf’s babies
  • Bardoul – A bright wolf
  • Ardwolf – Home-loving wolf
  • Adolphe – An aristocratic wolf
  • Osouf – A God’s wolf
  • Lyulph – A flaming wolf
  • Ylfa – A female wolf

Evil Wolf Names

Evil Wolf Names
  • Barbarian
  • Bones
  • Crusher
  • Drusilla
  • Duckula
  • Dullahan
  • Fury
  • Medusa
  • Menace
  • Pugsley
  • Raven
  • Willow

Halloween Wolf Names

  • Crimson
  • Cruela
  • Banshee
  • Yeti
  • Igor
  • Casper
  • Nosferatu
  • Medusa
  • Zombie
  • Quasimodo
  • Thorny
  • Blade
  • Marcus
  • Bloody Mary
  • Sirena
  • Voldemort

White Wolf Names

White Wolf Names
  • Winter
  • White Fang
  • Glace
  • Blanco
  • Polar
  • Snow
  • Olaf
  • Nanook
  • Nova
  • Flake
  • Zircon
  • Nor

Yellowstone Wolf Names

The 1997 Yellowstone Wolf Project identified the wolves as a pack. They are as follow:

  • Crystal Creek Pack
  • Soda Butte Pack
  • Leopold Pack
  • Druid Peak Pack
  • Rose Creek Pack
  • Thorofare Pack
  • Chief Joseph Pack
  • Washakie Pack
  • Sawtooth Pack

Black Wolf Names

Black Wolf Names
  • Mamba
  • Eclipse
  • Rina
  • Coal
  • Blacky
  • Blake
  • Widow
  • Ajax
  • Char
  • Knight
  • Blacky
  • Topper

Red Wolf Names

  • Rolf
  • Rolo
  • Raoul
  • Ulmer
  • Wolfgang
  • Wolfram
  • Tamaska
  • Skoll
  • Vilkas
  • Volk

Ancient Wolf Names

  • Amarok
  • Lupa
  • Akela
  • Edon
  • Dolph
  • Warf
  • Romeo
  • Chinua
  • Welsh
  • Bighana
  • Ivaylo
  • Phoenix

Anime Wolf Names

  • Blue
  • Kiba
  • Gabo
  • Frey
  • Toboe
  • Ookami
  • Inugami
  • Giro
  • Zaku
  • Moro
  • Inuhiko
  • Uruno
  • Yatsufusa
  • Kokutei

Game of Thrones Wolf Names

  • Ghost
  • Nymeria
  • Summer
  • Lady
  • Grey Wind
  • Daenerys
  • Jorah

Dire Wolf Names

Dire Wolf Names
  • Echo
  • Fang
  • Archie
  • Shade
  • Tempest
  • Poison
  • Lightning
  • Loki
  • Jungle
  • Sun
  • Frost
  • Tundra

Arctic Wolf Names

  • Nymph
  • Snow
  • Shadow
  • Ski
  • Thunder
  • Midnight
  • Ice
  • Noir
  • Silver
  • Aspen

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Wolf be a Pet?

A wolf can be a pet, but it’s a full-time commitment since it’s a social animal that requires a lot of attention. It requires more space to stretch its legs and food compared to dogs.

What are Wolves Afraid Of?

Wolves are generally afraid of humans. Thus, there’s a low risk that wolves attack or kill people. They also fear cars, roads, and buildings. In the wild, they’re afraid of tigers and bears. Moreover, they also find horror when seeing fire.

What Type of Animal Is a Wolf?

A wolf is a wild dog-like animal. It’s the largest non-domestic group of canids.  

What Family Does a Wolf Belong to?

A wolf belongs to the Canidae family.

Is a Wolf Carnivore?

Wolf is a carnivore. Deer, elk, and moose are among the huge species they enjoy consuming. Smaller mammals such as beavers, rats, and hares are also targeted.

Is a Wolf a Woodland Animal?

In the case of wolves, they live in different kinds of habitats. Depending on their sizes, they may live in forests, grasslands, tundra, or desert. Therefore, a wolf is not a woodland animal. It may live in a forest, a place that is different from the woodland.

From a modern point of view, a forest is referred to as a wooded land, but it’s not always the case. Woodland is defined as an area covered with vegetation and trees. However, some woods are not as large as the forests.


This article has shown you not only the best female wolf names but the ones that are suited for male wolves. They came from movies, TV series, Halloween characters, different languages, and more. Moreover, the name that you can choose for your wolf can also be based on their features or behaviors. Just spare some time to think of it so you can pick the most suitable.

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